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(I use the term “alpha male” as shorthand to describe the constellation of personality traits he possessed which gave him an advantage in the mating market.He is not a particularly good-looking man, but I suspect most girls would say he is at least not hard on the eyes.) The girls with me knew that said alpha male was single and looking, (ladies, we’re ALWAYS looking), and pow-wowed with each other to find a third girl they knew to be single as well for a possible alpha male-cute girl love copulation.During a recent vacation in San Francisco, I…Read more→ This blog is full of advice: don't give up, persist, keep learning and striving. And I believe this advice—if I didn't believe it wouldn't write it. After a round of hellos, I watched and listened, from as sly a vantage point as I could muster under the circumstances, the conversation that ensued between the alpha male and the cute girl summoned to unwittingly participate in his machinations.She looked him over as he began speaking, and I could tell there lacked any sort of insta-spark of delight at his physical countenance.Get the Refined Self 18-page guide to online dating by joining our mailing list. It may be, to you, a hard, vexing, messy problem you feel you can't solve. The human individual, with a decent brain, is a remarkably perceptive and powerful creature.We'll send short email about new blog posts and…Read more→ You know that feeling you get before you approach a woman you're interested in? So you can probably solve many problems yourself just by working at them. I write consistently, and take observations from my own life and others' successes and failures and turn them into something useful for you.

That…Read more→ "Are you participating in something here, or just hanging out? It's really just an excuse to ask questions about the city.

Online dating can be exciting, fun, tedious and alienating, sometimes in the same day.

Ultimately, dating web sites like Ok Cupid are just tools introduce you to people.

I usually have to do all the legwork, and I don’t mind, but things get confusing.

I hear so much about how women love to be pursued, but it seems the line between pursuit and stalking, and confidence and desperation, is very thin, with said line moving depending on the girl’s preferences.

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