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I tried to delete file, to archive and compact all message. I have test to copy all mails from old profile to new profile, and it works fine too !! I didn't delete it for the moment, in the case of you want I take a look to some configuration of this account. There are a few possibilities as to why a new profile doesn't show the issue. But like I said, it's not only with Mail, but it seems to be the case with HTML menu like the "Get Addons" page, or even with the Address book. More characters has the mail, address book or get addons, longer the freeze it the same with Thunderbird 12.0 and 12.0.1 but it works perfectly with TB 11.0.From a few days I've a problem with thunderbird.All seem to work, after get the work done I close thunderbird.Looks fine no errors, but "thunderbird-bin" is still running an it gets about 85% cpu time.Even when running thunderbird from console no errors appears.We install and update about a million apps each day for our home users and Ninite Pro subscribers.I'm an IT person and a writer, and I change machines a lot.

This could happen if the "profile" you are using dates back several versions.The profile folder will be named a random string of characters and will be housed in a different location depending upon the platform.As of Thunderbird 3.6, you can find your profile containing folder by following these steps: You can set up a nightly backup to back up these folders to a centralized location.Fortunately, it's possible to move a Thunderbird profile across platforms; even if you're moving from Linux to Windows to Mac and back again, Thunderbird is intelligent enough to handle it all.You don't need anything special to back up Thunderbird profiles; the most important thing is for you to know the location of your profile folder.

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